Free Menstrual Kits

CCO takes great pride in offering Reusable Menstrual Products to people in need. Reusable menstrual products save a lot of money in the long run but the initial investment can be too high for some and to help with getting you started we offer free starter kits. Each Menstrual Cup Starter Kit comes with 1 cup and 4 liners and the Menstrual Cloth Pad Kit comes with 6 cloth pads.

Use the link below to request your free starter kit

** Applicants will need to have a gmail account to fill the application form **Email at for any help with filling out the form **shipping & handling cost not included

Menstrual Starter Kit

Kit requests for Organizations

Products Offered (Based on availability. Options may differ by location)

We also sell on Etsy. All proceeds go towards keeping CCO running.

More Ways We Help

Budget Buy/sell/Trade group on Facebook. Everything in the group is $5 or less.

Organize discounted group buys. All group buy forms are in our Support Group.