2019 Donation Challenge

Donation Challenge

We appreciate our volunteers so much that we wanted to give them a little something to say “thank you”. We have gathered sponsors to help. Each month has a different sponsor and we give free goodies at the end of the month. Anyone who’s in our Facebook “Support” group, post pictures of your monthly donations to CCO to be entered! Every 10 items donated equals 1 entry to win that month!

2018 Donation Challenge

In 2018 we had a “100 Donation Challenge”. Anyone who donated 100 or more items to CCO was put in a drawing to win a full basket of amazing reusable items that our sponsors donated!

Our Sponsors

We want to thank everyone who supports our mission! We have a few businesses that have been big helpers with our cause! MeLuna Menstrual Cups have donated most of the cups we give out in our kits. Kam Snaps have kindly donated their resin snaps for us to use on pads, wet bags and drying straps.

We’ve had items donated for our workshops also. Sponsors: YUUKI cup, MeLuna-USA, Prism Cup, and Femmycycle Cup. Thank you!!