We are a Nonprofit Organization helping low income earners by providing them with free reusable menstrual kits.

What We Are About

Cloth Connection Outreach is dedicated to making reusable menstrual products available to everyone who menstruates. Reusable products are a healthy and safe alternative to disposable products that are financially a great option!

Donation Based

CCO is completely donation based and volunteer run (even our board members). We gladly accept new and gently used cloth pads, menstrual cups and wet bags. These will be going to people in need in the USA. We love variety in our sets so we welcome every style of pad!

Monetary donations are also gladly accepted! We have bills, fees, and supplies we have to purchase to keep our programs running so every donation helps us help others!
We will gladly send a receipt for your donation! Just ask.

Our Board

Teysha Wheeler-LeManski, CEO

I have been in the reusable community for the better part of a decade. After years of struggling with reactions to disposable products and struggling to afford them each month I discovered menstrual cups and cloth pads. I knew there had to be people struggling like me, so I started Cloth Connection Outreach to help. I am passionate about educating people of the benefits of reusable products and helping everyone in need have access to them.

Kajal Kanuga, Vice President

I work for a Financial Institute and am originally from the Midwest with a strong passion for helping people. I am very active with supporting several local charities and have served on the board of directors of organizations supporting the reusable pads program and menstrual hygiene. The fact that there are people that don’t have access to basic necessities like menstrual pads is unfathomable to me and that is what drives me to keep working hard to help as many people as I can.  

Carol Ullmann, Treasurer

I write, knit, and sew in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I live with my family and a lot of books. I have organized several sew-a-thons for CCO and has helped host tables at local health fairs CCO has attended. I am in customer service and have been on a few charity boards before. I love helping people and want to help people make the switch to money saving reusable menstrual products. I work to see the dignity of every person respected.

Vasha Cleaves-Adams, Secretary

I am a wife, mother, step mother and small business owner. I have lupus and am a chronic illness warrior who believes in helping others and uplifting other people. My passion is furthering myself, my brand, and providing proper period health for everyone. I got involved with sewing for donation in May of 2018 because I wanted to help others in need and feel no one should have to go without menstrual supplies.

Reusable Workshops

Educating people on all the options they have for their menstrual care is so important to us! Many don’t realize all the options available or how to properly use them. We want people to feel empowered with their period and their care choices.

Host a workshop for your friends/family in Michigan, or come swing by our office and relax while you learn about your options for period care. Send us a message at teysha.lemanski@clothconnectionoutreach.org for an appointment.

Budget Buy/Sell/Trade Group

CCO hosts a Budget BST group on Facebook that focuses on making budget friendly period products available. This is a hub for low-budget, quality cloth pads, menstrual cups, and accessories. Everything in this group is $5 or LESS, making it a great place to build up your cloth pad stash!

Support Group

For questions about reusable options and updates with shipping our kits, join our Facebook Support group. 

We also post all our sales and discounted group buys there. In the past we’ve had discounted group orders with Prism Cup, Femmycycle cup, Sckoon cup, Prism cup and MeLuna.