A Little About Us

Cloth Connection Outreach is about helping others!

We have soemthing for everybody! 

*Free starter sets for people who cant afford them

*Budget Buy/Sell/Trade group for items $5 or less

*Reusable Workshops to teach about all the options for menstrual care

CCO is a 501c(3) that donates in the USA and Canada. 

Quick Links: 

~Free cloth pad and menstrual cup kits (for people truly in need)

~Budget BST Group

~Support Group for reusable questions

~Free reusable workshops Michigan & Kentucky 

 CCO is a non-discriminatory group. Anyone who menstruates can apply for a kit. A parent or guardian may apply for children in their household of menstruating age.

*New and gently used (sanitized) kits are offered. If you have special requests after you've applied for a free kit, like low cervix menstrual cup, narrow or wide pads or gender neutral prints please send us an email.

About Us

What we are about:

Cloth Connection Outreach is dedicated to making reusable menstrual products available to everyone who menstruates. Reusables are a healthy and safe alternative to disposable products that are financially a great option!

Donation Based:

CCO is completely donation based and volunteer run. We gladly accept new and gently used cloth pads, menstrual cups and wet bags. These will be going to people in need in the USA.

 *We love variety in our sets so we welcome every style of pad!

Reusable Workshops:

Educating people on all the options they have for their menstrual care is so important to us! Many don't realize all the options available or how to properly use them. We want people to feel empowered with their period and their care choices. 

Feel the call to help others?

In Need? Apply For A Free Set

The application Process

We have everyone fill out a short application. We ask some personal questions but do not require any financial statements or proof of being on assistance. We understand sometimes people just need a little help getting by. 

We ask that you truly be in need if you are applying for a free kit. There are a lot of people needing these so we want to make sure the ones who need them are the ones that get them. 

Apply Here:

 An easy online questionnaire  is all that's needed to apply for a Free kit. We ask that you pay the small shipping fee.  

After You Apply

We have a lot of requests for the free sets so it may take weeks/months to get an approval email with payment instructions. We appreciate your patience as we work on them.

How to Help CCO

Donate new or gently used cloth pads, menstrual cups and wet bags.

We greatly need and rely on the generous donations from our supporters to keep helping people. Every pad and cup donated goes to someone in need. 

How you can help spread the word about cloth and the CCO program:

  • Holding a "sew-athon" how to make cloth menstrual pads.
  • Making online informational videos on cloth pads 
  • Hosting local or online fund-raisers for CCO, or donating money ($10 makes 1 full kit!)
  • Start you own "chapter" for sewing cloth pads for donations to CCO
  • ~~~~If you want to team up with CCO for an event or video please contact us! We love to partner to help pthers!

Every cent we raise goes right back into helping others get FREE cloth pad or menstrual cup kits!

Every little donation makes a BIG difference! 

Donating supplies and material is also a great way to help! We are always in need of PUL for wet bags, and fleece for backers. 

*New and gently used cloth pads and cups are always in great need as well! 

22109 Albion ave. Farmington Hills, MI 48336 is the address to send donations to.

Educational Workshops

CCO & Period Movement workshops

Cloth Connection Outreach gas teamed up as a chapter of Period Movement to host Educational Workshops about reusable menstrual products. Period donated the cups we give away at the workshops. Contact us to see if theres a workshop in your area (Michigan is our starting state)

MeLuna-USA Support

MeLuna-USA has added us on their website as an option to donate a cup to. They have also donated extra cups and a ring of all their cup options to show at our Educational workshops!

Femmycycle Support

Femmycycle has donated some cups for our educational workshops also! They have also graciously offered a $10 discount (Fem10) on their website for our supporters! 

CCO Educational Demo Vaginas

CCO has started making and selling educational model vaginas/vulvas to educators to help teach about reusable menstrual products and general period health.

Site Content

Free Cloth Pad & Menstrual Cup Kits

An easy online questionnaire  is all that's needed to apply for a Free kit. We ask that you pay a small shipping fee. 

How To Help

There are several ways to help! We are always in need of cloth pads (new or gently used) and menstrual cups. We can always use supplies as well (flannel, fleece, thread, ribbons 1/2" wide, PUL and plastic snaps). 

There's always the option to donate funds. Every cent goes back into the organization. 

How Cloth Changes Lives

Cloth pads are better for the environment and for people's health. Disposables are known to cause irritation and allergies and have been know to cause TSS *We are not medical doctors and will not give medical advice

Along with the above benefits there's also the money savings. as disposables can be a financial monthly burden.

Donate $10 to Spread the Cloth Love

 Donating just $10 helps give a cloth pad kit to someone in the U.S.A. or Canada! Giving local is so important as many here struggle to pay daily bills and saving money on menstrual products can make a huge difference in their life! These pads will last 5-10 years! 

Looking for Partnerships!

CCO is always looking to partner with other group and non-profits that support our vision of helping others. Financial sustainability, reproduction health, woman's rights, LGBTQ support, PCOS support and awareness, ect. If you'd like to partner with us please send us an email!

Contact Us

Email: clothconnectionoutreach@gmail.com

Questions for the founder: teysha.clothconnectionoutreach@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clothconnectionoutreach/

Donations address: U.S.A.

22109 Albion Ave. Farmington Hills, MI 48336

we need your help!

Important Links:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Clothconnectionoutreach/


Postpartum Lending Program application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1j29FJBlQxBrVxHkGtOJzBuYfvwy1RG5_3rfFrtNtgrc/edit

Free Cloth Pad kit Application: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdN1_dGhDWFJLpElneeKgaexG36fEFuuHhAlfaOnEzRi_5GfA/viewform

Fund-raising Auction Group: Cloth Connection Outreach Fund-raising Auction Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/375401852814613/

Fund-raising site to help CCO become a non-profit: PayPal.Me/CCOutreachProgram


Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.

Cloth Connection Outreach

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

every donation makes a big difference!