Interlabial Pads

Interlabial pads are small pieces of soft fabric that are tucked, folded or rolled and inserted in the labia. They aren’t inserted into the vagina. These little petal pieces of fabric are used to slow down the menstrual flow, preventing the gushy feeling, helps stop front bleeding towards the front or backside, and can even be used instead of liners for spotting or discharge!

Two (2) Interlabial pads included. Made with various fabrics like minky, cotton, velour and flannel.

(note: the demo vulva isn’t included)

Sea Sponges

Sea Sponges have been used since the time of Cleopatra! They are very soft and very absorbent when wet. Simply rinse and wring out until water runs clear, then soak in 1 cup warm water: 1 tbs of baking soda/vinegar or peroxide for 10 minutes. Let dry before storing in a breathable bag. (never boil your sponge.

Sponges can be trimmed for your perfect shape and you can use two (2) if you desire. Adding a non-waxed dental floss string also makes them easier to use sometimes.

2 Small

1 Medium

1 Large