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How does poverty affect periods?

Millions of people live in poverty, struggling to pay regular everyday bills, but adding in period products to the monthly bill for one or several menstruating people in the family, it can be a big burden! Many have to choose between buying groceries or tampons or resort to using unsanitary items (rags, toilet paper, newspaper, or use tampons longer than recommended which can lead to serious life-threatening TSS).

CCO focuses on reusable products for many reasons but the main one being, it saves money! They are reusable for around 10 years! That’s hundreds of dollars of savings each year not buying tampons or pads! That can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Cloth Connection Outreach is about helping others

We believe everyone should have access to reusable menstrual products (R.U.M.P.s)! We have many programs that help people in every income level have access to R.U.M.P.s:

We sell P.A.D.S. that help

Every pad we sell will help keep our FREE menstrual kit program running

CCO is a non-discriminatory group. Anyone who menstruates can apply for a kit. A parent or guardian may apply for children in their household of menstruating age. One kit per person, must be truly in need and not already have R.U.M.P.s. 

New and gently used (sanitized) kits are offered. If you have special requests after you’ve applied for a free kit, like low cervix menstrual cup, narrow or wide pads, or gender neutral prints, please send us an email after you receive your shipping payment email.

Funds from these pads will go toward buying supplies for our free menstrual kit program for people in need.

Easy to use

Our P.A.D.S. are designed to be better for you and the planet!